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Jul 4, 2008

I am Italian  

Hahaha...I am not Italian, but all of my clothes are!

1. ANUBIS STYLE - GRUPPO GNOSYS DONNA GIORNO (tunic and pants with belt detail), $0L
2. ANUBIS STYLE - Biker Girl Boots, $0L.

You really got to look around for the freebies, they are all around you, but you need to take some time if you want to find quality freebies like my outfit here!
3. TEKUTEKU - Freebie Hair Summer 2008 (Sienna), $1L. You will find this on the wall next to the lucky chair, along with 2 other dollarbie hairs!
4. ANUBIS STYLE - GRUPPO GNOSYS DONNA SERA (Black slashed one shoulder dress with leg diamonds!), $0L

What next?

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