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Jul 3, 2008


Must be all those doughnuts from Krispy Kreme that's making me fat! I need a corset to tuck my tummy in! Mmmm...*searches her instantly-found-freebie directory*

Ah...Wishbox! has a lovely corset on offer...let's try it on! Oops...*blush* it's revealing! I will kindly put my sensor bar on so I won't hurt your eyes...ouch, make this quick because the bar is held in place by hooking onto my nipples (trust me, it's so painful!)
1. Wishbox - Free Corset, $0L. There are a nice set of fairy wings for $0L as well, its worth the visit for the corset alone!
2. [S.LOVES!!] - One Flower Chest Tattoo (tintable), $1L

What next?

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