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Jul 5, 2008

Wearing Latex II  

1. Kayliwulf Gift - FetishDoll 2.0 Latex Micro Lingerie Set Smoke, $0L
2. [S.LOVES!!] - Hawaiian Flower Tummy Tattoo (tintable), $1L
3. Kayliwulf Gift - Sticky Latex Sportdress Plasma, $0L
I now understand why it is called 'plasma'. It is literally a one piece so skin tight and see through my breast are showing through, but with the shiny material it makes it so sexy! But be careful girls, there's a thin line between looking sexy and looking trampy. Don't try too hard to finish your look because this one piece stands out a lot already!!

I went back to Kayliwulf's Kingdom for some more latex treatment, I mentioned last time there are lots and lots of gift boxes avaliable, here are the 2 I handpicked again after my first visit.

What next?

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