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Jul 3, 2008

Rookery Cove  

At Simco there are lots of freebies! I was tipped by Daisie Georgia when there was an 'S' for a lucky chair at Simco! Anyway, I got this latex outfit for a few days now, and I needed a SURL to show you girls where to get it.
Simco - Leather, Latex and Laces - Pants - Blue, $0L (from lucky chair)
Simco - Buckled Cuffs, $0L (from lucky chair). This is a set which includes 2 ankle cuffs as well, really pretty!
Zenith - Leather Long Boots, $40L
[S.LOVES!!] - Hawaiian Flower Tummy Tattoo, $1L (for one week only!)
Simco - The Rookery Cove Project (group gift), includes a skin-tight one piece in pink, white scarf and pink boots, $0L! Join the group!
Simco - Ana Avatar, $0L. You will see this as soon as you enter the main entrance. It is a full package including a skin and a shape for a complete avatar. But, I am happy with my shape and skin so I am only showing you the clothes and the boots included in the pack. Pretty, huh?

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