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Jul 11, 2008

Play Bingo  

Bingo is a very common pastime here in England. I do not know how to play but my rl boss loves it! Every time we go out for a drink she'd be on the slot machine for a short while. One time she taught me to play and I wasn't fast enough to spot the numbers..never mind!

Katx Kirax from Bingo has Im'd me to say she was in the Elate Challenge I blogged recently! Congrats, I have sent you the mystery gift! Anyone else come forward? I have some lovely things for you :)

As a token of thanks, Katx sent me this detailed hand-drawn Zoe Red Dress, you will be able to find it at her store!

Accessories are fresh from the Baiastice Hunt! And, I am very very very proud to say I have ALL the items! I really suck at these treasure hunts but all the girls there were SO SO helpful, it was very touching! Thank you for your help, especially Landra (if you're reading this, thank you!!)

1. Bingo - Zoe Red Dress
2. Baiastice - hunt #9 - 3 hats, $0L
3. Baiastice - hunt #10 - 4 mini bags

What next?

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