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Jul 13, 2008

Endless Bikinis  

I think I will need a special separate closet just for my bikinis, I mean, how many pairs of boobs do I need to wear all of them?? Actually that is a WEIRD thought, let's not go there. In the meantime, let's enjoy these georgeous bikinis that doesn't cost an arm and a leg or any body organs.

1. Popfuzz - Orange Tube Top and Boy Shorts, $1L (from the lingerie and swimwear expo)

2. Cherry Girl - Flower Swimsuit, $0L (look into group notices for them - join if you haven't already!)

3. Candy House - Western Girl Khaki Bikini (free until 15th july), $0L
4. Sey - Prayer Bracelet, $0L
5. [Mokoptica] Disco Sunglasses, $1L

What next?

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