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Jul 3, 2008

Cherry Tease!  

A rather unique design on bikinis from Cherry Girl! I love this style, it's so unique. To make it more 'interesting', the fabrics are very thin, showing your nipples through the fabric, naughty tease!

1. Cherry Girl - Swimsuit Side Cut 4 SET, $0L There are 2 lucky chairs here, they change every minute!! Didn't take me long to get this georgeous bikini, otherwise it would have cost $50L full price.
2. Simco - Buckled Cuffs, $0L (from lucky chair). This is a set which includes 2 ankle cuffs as well, really pretty!
3. [S.LOVES!!] - Hawaiian Flower Tummy Tattoo, $1L (for one week only!)

4. ::69:: - Beach Sandals (color changes by touch), $0L. This is a group member gift! I am wearing 2 different colors on each foot. Cute, huh?

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