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Jul 15, 2008

Change Your World  

Can I BE any more red?
LOL, this is another entry about group gifts. TOO many to mention for this particular one. It's called Pig's Kick Closet, I urge you to join it! In the past notices there are zillions gazillions of freebies, anything from camis, pants to a whole set of clothes. I am only wearing two of the many many gifts here, please take time to have a look to find something you like!
1. Pig's Kick Closet - ChangeYourworld, $0L
2. [Mokoptica] - Matera Purple Sunglasses, $1L
3. Pig's Kick Closet- Cotton Embriodery, $0L
4. Apple Pop Crescent Moon - Red Moon (rez and sit!), $0L

What next?

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