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Jul 5, 2008

Bunny Trio  

We almost had to take this pic by ourselves!

This is the freebie trio pose we got from Mela's. I met up with Liessa and her friend Greta to do this post. How do we look? I am loving Liessa's colorful outfit!
[17:56] You: hellooooo my lovelies!
[17:56] Greta Gazov: hi Suri :))
[17:56] Greta Gazov: *•.¸('*•.¸♥¸.•*´)¸.•*
[17:56] Greta Gazov: Welcome to
[17:56] Greta Gazov: .♥«´¨`•° *GaZoV*DeSiGnS* °•´¨`»♥.
[17:56] Greta Gazov: ¸.•*(¸.•*´ ♥ `*•.¸)`*•.¸
[17:56] You: thanks!
[17:56] Liana Moonites: lol hi suri
We are waiting for Greta, she is propably wondering why she has so many empty boxes!
Bunny Trio Pose!! From .: mela's :. , $0L
Finally! Greta poses with us, thanks babe!
On Liessa (middle):
1. Outfit: Saya - new group gift! Please join the group and look into past notices, $0L
2. Accessory: *GaZoV*DeSiGnS* - Pearl GD (Boxed) not free/não gratisThese are Greta's latest releases, coming up tomorrow with her new, refurbished and 3 times bigger shop, not free, but luxurious arent they?
3. Baby Monkey - Liana Sandals (named after Liana), $0L
On Suri (right):
1. Kunglers - Skulls & Roses T-shirt, $0L
2. BLANG!!! FREEBIE BALLET SLIPPERS COLOR CHANGE, $0L. Liessa has mixed and matched hers here!
3. Torridwear - Indigo jeans, $1L. very versatile! I like them a lot.
4. Jacket is from Cubic effect, not free but so lovely!!

What next?

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