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May 25, 2008

Summer Staples  

It was by chance I dropped by LD Couture's store to see what new stuff they have. Freebie God (if there is one?) glorified me with the presence of goodie bags (0L) and a lucky chair! I'll only mention the free stuff in this picture:
Foi por acaso que eu fui pra LD Couture ver o que eles tinham de novo. O deus dos freebies (existe um?) me deu a honra de encontrar uma goodie bag ($0L) e uma lucky chair! Só vou mencionar os freebies nas fotos:
Outfit 1:
Top/Camiseta: LD Couture Grey and Black tubetop $0L
Sandalias/sandals: Pixel Mode Black Leather Sandals (Group Gift from subscribe-o-matic) $0L

Outfit 2:
LD Couture 'Jane' (gotten from the lucky chair wildcard round!) $0L
PixelDolls Ribbon Boots (Group Gift from subscribe-o-matic) $0L

Bracelet worn in picture is *June Bangles* from +plus, $1L.

And of course an outing with my beloved Draco ($5L at AC Girls!) and his cousin Alfie!

Suri x

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