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May 30, 2008

Look Into My Eyes  

Checked out the isitor meter and I am so happy it has gone up dramatically since I last posted an entry! Apologies for being away, especially to my partner Liessa, my wedding preparations have finially come to an end and I have a little free time on my hands!

First of are some gifts from a place called Japan Beach. There is a mall of shops which give out freebies. Best thing is, the owner has reserved a shop space and put all the freebies together!

I am wearing the Cabbage-eyes: Black Onyx ($0L) from MJ+Dada, there is also a free 'tiger eyes' in the folder.

This ultra-fly lip piercing is from Rasen, $1L.

[WaRmth18]ItemCamp Tank(Blue), 10 minutes from camping chair $0L. This tank top is unisex, it looks very cool on me!
Necklace from ::69:: Candy Selection $1L
Naughty Jelly Beans from YumYum, 16 minutes on camping chair $0L
Bracelet and necklace, both from ::69:: Candy Selection $1L
Earrings: +shangri-La+ Butterfly $0L
Suri x

What next?

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