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May 24, 2008

Black Dresses, Oh, Sexy black Dresses!  

They say a girl can never have too many dresses...who am I to say any different? LOL. Girls...This entry is gonna be long, but I guarantee you it's well worth it!
All of these dresses are hunt down at the German Fashion and Style Weeks, at Vanity Universe, what, you haven't been? No worries. I got Landmarks for indivisual stores that has the freebies!*

Dizem que uma garota nunca tem vestidos suficientes... e quem sou eu pra negar isso? LOL.
Garotas... esse post vai ser longo, mas eu garanto que vale a pena!
Todos esses vestidos foram achados na German Fashion and Style Weeks, na Vanity Universe. O quê? você ainda não foi lá? Sem problemas, peguei pra vocês as landmarks de cada loja com freebies!*

Vestido/Dress: Brittany Gown From Anyusha Lilienthal of Ibizzare, $0L.

Colar/Necklace shown here is from JCNY, called Cross Pendant Necklace. You can get this, plus lots of more jewellery on their camping chairs. I have had these a long long time, I don't remember how long you have to camp for. Vocês conseguem esses colares e outras jóias nas camping chairs. Faz um tempo que eu tenho elas, então não lembro quanto tempo tem que acampar para conseguir.

Vestido/Dress: Madame Gown by Mimikri, $0L.
Colar/Necklace shown is also from JCNY's camping chairs. This is called Diana Formal Necklace.

Vestido/Dress Vindi Vindaloo Designs - Diamond Dress, $0L.
Colar/Necklace is called H&M 'Promise Ring' Platnium Necklace, from JCNY camping chairs.

*NOTE: I didn't mention ALL the freebies, just black dresses.../Eu nem mencionei TODOS os freebies, só os vestidinhos pretos...
Suri x

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