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May 30, 2008

It's Britney, Bitch!  

OMG I am so honored to have Britney in the house! Naw, I am just kidding...but! I got called Britney as I walk around the malls searching for freebies. Maybe she is my long lost twin (hell..)

Both outfits featured are from Shameless (all $0L). They have many freebies on the wall in their store. The owner was very generous and put big fat arrows on the posters to show u which are free! Get there now!!

Click to see larger image
Shameless - Jeans red heart 0L
Pixel Mode - Leeza leopard Purse (subscribe-o-matic). Red hot *new* gift!! Join now!

Click to see larger image

Shameless - Babydoll Wine Dress $0L
Glitter Girl - Petite Leona sculptie purse $0L

Suri x

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