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Feb 1, 2009

Some more gifts  

bliss vday
Vanessa gown, v-day gift from Bliss Couture, 0L.

pixeldolls corsets
Love laces corsets and black panties from Pixel Dolls, subscribo gift.

pixel dust gg
Cool hair styles from Pixel Dust, subscribe gift.

pixel dust re-opening gift
Another hair from Pixel Dust, gift for the grand re-opening at Festivale sim, all Circus themed, together with [LAP] and other stores. The place is awesome!! I love to go shopping where I can have fun too.

pixel dust circus
Other colors of the Effin Clown from Pixel Dust. Pics taken at Pixel Dust. :)

uncle wigly pudge naive
Plurk Girl and Plurkilicious Tees from Naive, 1L. Blonde hair from Uncle Wiggily, wearable demo, 0L. Purple hair from Pudge, gift from I love the Starlust group. The cute 'Little Miss Pea' on my hear is also from Starlust group, HourGlass gift.

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