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Feb 3, 2009

Gifts and cheapies  

emas red cherry crush
Red cherry crush outfit from Ema's, 9L. I love the cherry details on turtleneck and belt!
Hair: C&H, not free.

unclouded hapiness
Short with suspenders and dress from Unclouded Happiness, 0L.
Hair: UncleWeb, not free.

dark mouse gg
Bangles and hoop earrings from Dark Mouse, group gift. If you're not in the group you can get it anymore, but go there and join the group so you can get the upcoming gifts. :)

Some girls have asked me to tell where I buy the hairs I wear on the pics. I can do that, but I usually forget, there are so many things to blog and it's just impossible for me to remember everything lol So, if you wanna know where I bought anything that I didn't specify just ask me, in comments (you don't need to have an account to comment) or in world. I do like to help. And if you prefer to talk to me in world, don't forget to drop a notecard, my IM's get capped all the time and I hate to sound rude ;P

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