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Feb 10, 2009

Ray Skin  

A Ray Skin é uma loja muito legal. Lá você encontra diversos freebies, artigos por 1L, gifs e camp chair. Não deixem de conhecer!

Feb 9, 2009

Kissable Kitties  

Itens Free

Venham para a Kissable Kitties, aqui vocês encontrarão diversos looks por apenas 5L o Set ou então, vocês podem escolher a cor preferida e pagar somente 1L. Ainda há Shapes com Lingerie por 1L e também frees.


Na DZ vocês encontram 1 painel com diversas skins frees. São 36 skins em 4 tons (18 normal e 18 com sardas), mais 2 caixas com shapes e skin e ainda camp chair. Corram!!!


Na Reale vocês encontram um Set de cabelos, unhas e mais um par de meias arrastão. Tudo free!

Feb 5, 2009

Bad and good news  

The bad news are that we decided to close Free Second. :(
It makes me sad to tell you this. But I want a fresh start on a blog of my own. Suri is very busy in rl and sl to keep blogging here. So we two agreed this is the best thing to do. No worries, we are still friends!! lol :) She supports my decision and is very happy for me! Yay! Love you, hon, ty for everything! It's been amazing, ty for introducing me to the blog world!

The good (I hope! lol) news are I'm starting a new blog, called SL Good Deals. Everything will be about the same and I hope you can follow me there! Pleeeeease add me to your browser favorites!! :)
My big thank you to the designers, you can keep counting on me on SL Good Deals! \o/

My even bigger thank to you, girls, for the support! See you on SLGD!!

Bye Bye Free Second xoxo

Gabi Fitzgerald.

PS1: The blog will stay open for a while, so everyone can get my new URL hehe.
PS2: Outfit from YomeShoujo, group gift in notices. Blow a kiss, Diva style from Tuli, 0L.

Feb 4, 2009

Lemania Arrow Hunt & more.  

lemania indigo cupid arrow hunt
Gold Coin silks (with bangles and shoes), Orange Crush, and Silver Love (also with bangles and shoes) from Lemania Indigo Cupid's Arrow Hunt, 1L each. The hunt ends on Feb 28th.

lemania indigo cupid arrow hunt 1
Cherries outfit. Shoes and bag are on separate boxes. It comes with a cute cherry particle emitter. From Lemania Cupid's Arrow Hunt.

whimsy fb
Purple and black dresses from Whimsy, 1L.

stc vday gg
Vday gift from Sweeter Than Candy, subscribo group gift. Ballet flats from Blang!, also subscribo vday gift. It's scripted with 5 textures!

Blue Blood My Twisted Valentine  

blue blood hunt 2

blue blood hunt
My Twisted Valentine outfit from Blue Blood mini-hunt (boots included!!). The hunt ends tomorrow (Thursday) at 3am slt.

blue blood hunt vday box
You have to find 6 of this 'box' to complete the outfit. Cool huh? ;) Thanks Ghanima for being so generous! Always spoiling us :P

cupcakes skin
Lovespell skin, new release from Cupcakes. This one is a group gift in notices (250L fee).

Feb 3, 2009

Lots of thingies  

yesterdays closet gg dress
Dress from Yesterday's Closet subscribe-o-matic. Also comes with gown skirt and the gift includes a pack of an awesome purple gown.

eva hot lips
Hot lips boots from EVA, 0L. Sexy, huh?

shoportunity vday
Valentine outfit, 25L (denim pants, 2 boleros, shirt, stockings, boots and skirt) and pink pajamas, 0L. All from Shoportunity.

bubble fish vday boots sentou yousei gg
I love u shirt and jeans from Coed Threads, 0L. Love me shirt from BubbleFish, 0L. Valentine's Heart boots from Sentou Yousei, subscribo group gift.

butterfly princess lc
Outfit with boots and maryjanes from Barbie Princess lucky chair.

weird designs skin and necklace
Be my Valentine skin and chain choker from Weird Designs, 1L each.

juicy mechanims
And this is how I ended up my day! lol Shopping girl pose and bags from Juicy, 1L; Pin up tee from Mechanism, I think it was a gift at Fabulous Fashion TV Studio. I don't know if it's still there to grab but if you like it like I do you can buy it at Mechanism. :)

Phoenix Rising, Nardcotix & Chloe  

Shayariel Teardrop told me about the cool dresses from 10 to 25L at Einstein- Home of Nardcotix, Phoenix Rising, and Chloe. The boxes are on the floor, each brand has about 5 or more gift boxes. These are the ones I got. Ty Shayariel!! :)

nardcotix 1
Masquerade Queen (mask not included) and Nardia Noir n. 10, from Nardcotix.

phoenix sunrise 2
Dark Nights gown from Phoenix Rising.

phoenix sunrise 1
Touch slip dress from Phoenix Rising. Earrings, bangles and necklace worn on this post are from Chloe, 1L each.

All hair (50L sale) and shoes (freebie pack near the entrance) are from Truth.

Gifts and cheapies  

emas red cherry crush
Red cherry crush outfit from Ema's, 9L. I love the cherry details on turtleneck and belt!
Hair: C&H, not free.

unclouded hapiness
Short with suspenders and dress from Unclouded Happiness, 0L.
Hair: UncleWeb, not free.

dark mouse gg
Bangles and hoop earrings from Dark Mouse, group gift. If you're not in the group you can get it anymore, but go there and join the group so you can get the upcoming gifts. :)

Some girls have asked me to tell where I buy the hairs I wear on the pics. I can do that, but I usually forget, there are so many things to blog and it's just impossible for me to remember everything lol So, if you wanna know where I bought anything that I didn't specify just ask me, in comments (you don't need to have an account to comment) or in world. I do like to help. And if you prefer to talk to me in world, don't forget to drop a notecard, my IM's get capped all the time and I hate to sound rude ;P