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Oct 9, 2008

Tuli & more gifts  

New group gift from []::Tuli::[], called Sumi! Yay!! As a skin lover and addicted I had to blog it. They are awesome!! There is a fee of 250L to join the group, very well spent money in my humble opinion!

This halloween necklace is the new gift at [Y.M.X] Juicy Boardwalk location. And there is a white version of it here. They're cute! The skin is also from Tuli update group, this one called Meredith. Hair from Aoharu lucky chair.

Zen Necklace and bracelet from The Perfect Gift, 1L. The cute wearable bear is also from Perfect Gift, 0L. And Tuli again! \o/

Pink dress from Honey*Soul at Juicy Boardwalk, 1L. Why am I posing like that? Of course, cause I want to show off my new great shoes from Kookie. This was the best gift ever! (well, a gift for me from a dear friend (thank you babe!!), but for you, girls, Kookie is having a 50% off sale lol)

Don't forget to check the free*Style tent near the landpoint at Juicy! There are many cool free stuff there!


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