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Sep 13, 2008

Just Playing Cutie  

Girls Style always have some fun and unique stuff - plenty of gifts too! See what I got! Left:
Girls Style - *Amemura-Item*, $0L (camping chair prize)
Pose: Striking Poses - Christina Applegate Freebie Pose, $1L

Girls Style - Antique Pinky, $1L
Pose: Striking Poses - Courtney Cox Freebie Pose, $1L

Girls Style - Country Red, $1L
Pose: Striking Poses - Wonderwoman Freebie Pose, $1L

Girls Style - GS*ITEM CAMP+GS*Dot FRIENDS, $0L (camping chair prize)
Pose: Striking Poses - Diane Lane Freebie Pose, $1L

If you join the Girl's Style Group you can get this lovely set of bangles. By invitation only!

Over at Girl's Style 60's shop in Graceville, there is a dollarbie! Precious has kindly showed us the outfit! Thanks, honey!

On Precious
Girls Style 60's Shop - Bright Rainbow top-set, $1L

What next?

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